The first aim of the Scottish Football Monitor is to cast a sceptical and watchful eye on Scottish Football officialdom and the compliant mainstream media (MSM).

Through these pages, we have built a community of over 10,000 regular readers with page views in excess of 40,000 per day, often approaching 50,000 per day. Fans of all Scottish football clubs have come together in a spirit of friendly rivalry and mutual respect, drawing on the expertise of contributors, particularly in the areas of law and business, helping to expose misinformation, lies, corruption and lazy journalism.

The common purpose of almost all within our community is to hold the football authorities accountable to the fans, something they have avoided for almost 150 years. Our overarching purpose is to ensure that sporting integrity is the paramount consideration in the organisation of football. Our belief is that the clubs do not share that purpose.

We have sought to ask the questions which are often not asked by a mainstream media which has become in our view merely a broadcaster of PR issued by the financial and other vested interests within the sport. By doing so we believe that information is now in the public domain which otherwise would not.

The SFM has also provided a platform for some talented and innovative writers to gain access to our audience and affording our readership the benefit of their insight and the stimulus of debate that provokes. We see that an important secondary role – as an umbrella organisation providing a platform for ideas from across the spectrum of opinion on Scottish football.

The success of the SFM is demonstrable, but we are now ready to take steps to make our discussions and debate more accessible to a wider audience through podcasting.

Our strategy is to make the SFM offering as professional as possible. The accessibility of that medium to broadcast amateurs like us often results in a rush to lower production standards. We want to avoid that if we can.

We think it will be possible to achieve higher production values without going to the expense of broadcast quality field recorders etc., but we will require quality equipment as well as audio editing software.

For small interview (one on one) situations, a quality handheld recorder may be sufficient, but for wider discussion scenarios, mixers, multi-track recorders and more sophisticated software will be required. Depending on the success of this initiative, we may also extend our offering to video podcasting.

If this strategy becomes reality, we will of course also be looking for people to volunteer their time and expertise as presenters, interviewers, researchers, technicians etc.

There is no immediate need to procure all of the equipment on our wish-list, and in fact we will be able to take some quick early steps towards our ultimate destination minimally equipped.

To fund this initiative, we will be (as we have up to now) solicit donations in the short term, and enlist the help of an ethical sponsor which would hopefully be sufficient in monetary terms to remove the donation feature from the site.

In terms of gaining sponsorship, our first target is to put some flesh on the skeleton business plan I have just outlined so that potential sponsors can take us seriously.

Current ideas for content include: a Presswatch podcast where MSM stories are reviewed critically on a weekly basis; a history podcast where individuals and groups who have contributed to making our sport great are honoured and recognised; Road Show style debates; one on one or group discussions involving MSM members; and our own phone-in with no indiscriminate use of the “eject” button.

Any suggestions and reactions to this are welcome below, but we would ask readers to pass on the address of this page to any organisation they may think would be a good fit for TSFM as a sponsor.

Any potential sponsors who would like to get in touch, please contact us HERE

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