Reforming Scottish football – some initial questions

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TSFM will be posting a new blog tomorrow dealing with the continued intimidation and threats that seem to follow New Rangers everywhere.

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Glasnost (and a Pair of strikers)

Following the Scottish FA’s recent comments on league restructuring, we set out a programme of issues that we’ll seek to address over the coming months.

In the light of the reports of SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan’s comments reported in the Daily Mail today, and last week’s SFA Press Release , this morning’s launch of Glasnost could hardly be more timely. This post sets out some of the questions that may need to be addressed in the reform process that we think is both urgent and necessary to protect and improve our national game.

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The Scottish Football Monitor is following the lead of RangersTaxCase in an attempt to hold the Scottish mainstream media to account and to question. If they do not ask the difficult questions, we will.

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  1. campsiejoe says:

    Do you think Charlie will be happy that this information has been revealed ?
    What a tangled web 🙂

  2. easyJambo says:

    Insomniac says: August 24, 2012 at 20:48

    The Giles Green at Morpheus 1508 is listed on Duedil as aged 42. Charles Green is listed as being 59, so it is possible but not likely that he is Chuck’s son. Could be a nephew or other relative of course.

  3. easyJambo says:

    Post from “Toki” on RM on 20th July

    I would like to get a message to John Brown .. Basically I work in America, but live in Scotland
    I have some time on my hands and started to look up people Charles Green is involved with. I enclose some info for John

    Imran Ahmed of Zeus Capital is a sole director of LEGEND COMMUNICATIONS AND TRAVEL LIMITED ( Imran Ahmed is now not on the Zeus web site)
    The company has GAZ1 ( companies house winding up order because of non payment of debts )Could be banned from being director of a company in the UK
    03 Jul 12First notification of strike-off action in London Gazette (Section 652) GAZ1
    09 Aug 11Annual Return of company information (not accounts) AR01
    31 Jul 10Annual Accounts AA
    15 Jul 10Annual Return of company information (not accounts) AR01
    15 Jul 10Change of particulars for Director CH01

    Giles Alexander Green ( CHARLES GREEN’S SON )is a director of Morpheus 1508 Ltd, check other directors
    Company 1508 London Ltd, Fayeeza Naqvi, Alessandro Celano , are directors with others that are connected to Morpheus 1508 The Company Giles Alexander Green is a director..

  4. The Iceman says:

    I have been asked to say how I can see a way back. That is very difficult to see at present.

    I would hope as a first step that the FTT verdict ( where is it?) will expose beyond all doubt the true nature of Murray’s Rangers to wider Scottish society and cause a wave of revulsion to the whole idea and notion of “Rangers”and their grip and control over Scottish football. This revulsion would lead to sufficient political pressure to have a “Leveson” -style judicial enquiry into the governance of Scottish football with agreement from the discredited governing bodies that they accept its findings and that they as individuals understand that they can have no part in that future.

    Ideally BDO would expose and bring to justice all of those who acted criminally in this escapade – Rangers directors, major shareholder ex-managers etc whose reputation would be forever destroyed.

    This, coupled with the above, would lead the editors and owners of the MSM to remove their present donkeys masquerading as reporters on football to be replaced by eager, iconoclastic youths filled with zeal and a desire for enlightnement.

    Nimmo Smith would strip Rangers of the titles won under the EBT and further conclude that such was the nature of the sustained cheating that a significant ban of say a decade’s duration would be appropriate and that he suggest a further investigation into the earlier conduct of Murray during the period of the wee tax case and even earlier to investigate the legitimacy of any titles won then.

    This ban is implemented by the Scottish football authorities immediately and SEVCO as a consequence folds. The Rangers fans accept that this fate is just, seek salvation from their fellow fans and denounce all sectarian singing and attitudes, and resolve to set up a brand new club to enter at the lower reaches of the game.

    If the above happens we will all be back happy and contented.

    None of the above will happen however, some weasel words and promises as to future conduct will be accepted by the SPL and SFA as “punishment” for Rangers whose titles back to 2000 will be stripped.

    The MSM and Rangers will use this as evidence of an anti-rangers bias and their fans will be fed and embittered through the leagues in record time. The BDO stuff will be retranslated as Murray and the board attacking Rangers – who were the “real” victims- by all in our press.

    In 3 years a vicious, embittered Rangers will re-emerge in the SPL which will be as bitter, poisonous and riven a league as any in history. Interest will wane and the relative status of the game will go into accelerated decline. Finally it will become a peripheral marginal part of our society populated by a few diehards and embittered and divisive fans of Celtic and Rangers whose attendances of 20-25 thousand will mostly be filled with the worst elements of both clubs’ support.

    Not looking forward to it.

    I am not coming back any time soon.

  5. Eastern Ex-pat says:

    Famous, influential multiple winner of prestige championship to be stripped of award due to gaining an unfair advantage from means deemed illegal to the sporting authorities.

    If only a UK headline.

    It seems our US cousins have marched well ahead with the sporting integrity cause.

  6. The pattern repeats itself. One poster swamps the blog with posts containing a mix of fact, fiction and spurious tales. Different name, same show.

  7. Starofdavid says:

    Insomniac says:
    August 24, 2012 at 20:48
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    easyJambo says:
    August 24, 2012 at 20:40

    Suggest that you focus on Formation Group (which bought Paul Stretford’s group, not the other way round), Morpheus and Alessandro Celano.


    Stratford eh?  One of the dodgiest guys I have ever had he misfortune to shake hands with. We agreed a deal, shook hands, he immediately went back down south and reneged on it.

    About as trustworthy as a lance Armstrong dope test.

  8. 61patrick says:

    See what happens when this place has a “bone to chew on”
    It springs into life and the trolls become irrelevant and seen for what they are (a distraction to the job in hand)
    Ps can someone put up smoke signals for corsica and Hugh McEwan

  9. The Four-Eyed Projector says:

    OT, but here is a response for the deluded ones still trying to claim that their ‘history’ is intact!

    I am going to buy an ocean liner and call it ‘The’ HMS Titanic, do it up to make it look exactly the same and tell people it is the actual Titanic, but everyone would know I was talking pish, coz I couldn’t buy the HISTORY of the actual HMS Titanic. And let’s face it, why would I want to? ‘Coz jist like RFC, it sank without trace!

    Hope that clears it up for you…

  10. On the fence says:

    Why should we trust Corsica ?

    In his own words as per easyjambo´s post at 20:40
    “Celano would appear to be just an investment banker who looks after private wealth (family trusts and the like). So somebody is behind him but it isn’t going to be Arif Naqvi (just trust me on this – he is not stupid enough to believe anything Green or Zeus will have told him)…no, this is much simpler.”

  11. john clarke says:

    Oh, what fun tonight! Just been expanding my financial knowledge, reading up up IPOs (Initial Public Offerings of shares), and came across this little gem:

    “…Being on a major stock exchange carries a considerable amount of prestige. In the past, only private companies with strong fundamentals could qualify for an IPO and it wasn’t easy to get listed.
    The internet boom changed all this. Firms no longer needed strong financials and a solid history to go public. Instead, IPOs were done by smaller startups seeking to expand their businesses. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to expand, but most of these firms had never made a profit and didn’t plan on being profitable any time soon. Founded on venture capital funding, they spent like Texans trying to generate enough excitement to make it to the market before burning through all their cash. In cases like this, companies might be suspected of doing an IPO just to make the founders rich. This is known as an exit strategy, implying that there’s no desire to stick around and create value for shareholders. The IPO then becomes the end of the road rather than the beginning.

    How can this happen? Remember: an IPO is just selling stock. It’s all about the sales job. If you can convince people to buy stock in your company, you can raise a lot of money.

    Read more:

  12. john clarke says:

    Kinda bug.ered that post up! But I like the ‘exit strategy’ bit. Surely not our Charles, and our Sally?

  13. john clarke says:

    TSFM: if you are at home, could you delete the big duplication in my post of 22.16.,please. Mouse must have run away with me!

  14. StevieBC says:

    Re: the shareholdings – could this be another error of judgement on McCoist’s part ?

    Assuming the 4.5% quoted for McCoist is correct, I would guess (?) he was awarded this as a freebie to keep him onside with CG and his backers – and perhaps also to encourage McCoist to advise the fans to start buying season tickets ?

    But, if/when The Rangers hit the buffers and Green et al have done a runner with their profit, what will McCoist say ?

    Unlike before, he cannot blame the ‘owners’ and also he can’t plead ignorance of financial matters as he is ‘just the football manager’.

    It would appear that McCoist is now bought and paid for by CG’s team – and when it all goes pear-shaped it will only be McCoist left to answer the questions from the angry bears.

  15. jonny says:

    Sally having a 4% stake in 2012 fc open up a whole new line of enquiry ,
    When was it bought
    Why was it bought
    Who put the money up to buy it
    If 10% stakes are changing hands for 1m that put’s Sally in for just short of 1/2m ,now why would you give someone who up to 3 weeks ago you publicly stated you did not know if you trusted £500,000.
    Just like the ticketus investment ,strange isn’t the word

  16. campsiejoe says:

    Over on RTC someone did a chart showing how all of the MBB’s companies and his business associates linked together
    I haven’t got the know how, but would it not be a good idea to start a new one showing the same information for Green and his associates
    Obviously it could be added to with each new revelation

  17. midcalderan says:

    This may be a bit off topic (it’s not really if you think about it). I posted this on August 21, 2012 at 23:16

    “My pub’s name has stayed the same, has had many different owners over 30 years and each successive owner has succeeded in lowering its standards to the extent that it now has 6 customers at 9 o’clock on Friday night. Could this happen to a football club that doesn’t change its ways?”

    Well, would you believe it, I was down the pub tonight and the last few good men standing got some really good news. It was reported – “not a Daily Record source says” – that the landlord has been legally removed, the locks have been changed and we have the assurance of a good honest publican taking over who promises to bring back all the genuine good old faces that have moved elsewhere in the village. There is hope. I’m ecstatic, no kidd’n!!

    Could this happen to a football association or football club that does change its ways?” Having thought about it, I hope Charles Green’s not bought the lease.

  18. jimbo milligan says:

    That would mean mccoist has ponied up 500k to charles green – doubt it very much .

    Hes been chucked that by sevco to help get the hordes onside.

  19. campsiejoe says:

    jimbo milligan @ 22:59

    Jack will be most disappointed that his sterling efforts for the cause have not merited a 4.5% stake in Sevco
    After all he has spent more time than McCoist getting the hordes on side

  20. jimbo milligan says:

    Theres quite a lot of shares unnaccounted for joe .

    BTW has anyone had a read at duff and phelps latest admin status report ?

    Anything of note ?

  21. jonny says:

    campsiejoe says:
    August 24, 2012 at 22:55
    I think RTC tried for months to advise ragers fans to start looking at what was going on at there club to no avail .
    I used to get irrate at thing Minty was doing that were not being reported by the MSM and my anger was aimed at the hacks for not printing negative stories about ragers ,as time went on though I realised that Minty could never have taken ragers to oblivion without the help of the MSM .
    So if DM is found out and brought to book I will raise a toast to the MSM for their blind allegiance

  22. campsiejoe says:

    jimbo milligan @ 23:14

    That is true, and after all as he is a creditor of old club, he may yet be bought off in kind
    Do you have a link for the updated report ?

  23. nowoldandgrumpy says:

    jimbo milligan says:
    August 24, 2012 at 23:14
    1 0 Rate This
    Theres quite a lot of shares unnaccounted for joe .

    BTW has anyone had a read at duff and phelps latest admin status report ?

  24. midcalderan says:

    Danish Pastry says:
    August 24, 2012 at 21:17

    The pattern repeats itself. One poster swamps the blog with posts containing a mix of fact, fiction and spurious tales. Different name, same show.
    Just catching up and can’t readily see the poster to whom you refer. Help!

  25. Insomniac says:

    jimbo milligan says:
    August 24, 2012 at 23:14

    13.7 Premier Property Group
    13.8 Close Leasing
    Both the above companies appear to still have security over some of the assets but
    Mr Whitehouse, despite many months of very long lunches with colleagues, has been unable to establish the exact quantum of the liability.

  26. Itsagoal! says:

    From Duff & Phelps 24 August 2012 report:

    “Two deferred transfer fees of £300,000 and £503,947 respectively are now overdue. The Joint Administrators are continuing to pursue the debtor football clubs in respect of payment of these amounts.”

    tsk tsk – someone has not paid transfer fees owed to Old Rangers – who are these people? we the (taxpayers) creditors want our money back!

  27. JJ says:

    Text doing the rounds

    “Reported today that Lance Armstrong will be stripped of his tour de france titles. I have decided to now call myself The Lance Armstrong, buy his old bike, claim his titles and demand entry to next years tour. If anyone objects I will call them a b1got. Lance Armstrong then, Lance Armstrong now, Lance Armstrong forever. We dont do cycling away !!!”

  28. TSFM says:

    New blog from StevensanPH with some exclusive “actual” news 🙂

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